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Fox reveals details on 24 spinoff that are really disappointing

Fox fans still waiting for a Kate Morgan-centric 24 spinoff, prepare to be disappointed. The network has decided 24 just wouldn’t be 24 if it wasn’t about a man who breaks all the rules and looks surly while doing so.

Now that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has finally completed his last marathon mission, Fox is in the market for a new young action hero to pick up the 24 torch. 24 creator Howard Gordon confirmed to TV Line that a 24 spinoff is in the works, but fans who were hoping any future adventures would focus on the butt-kicking prowess of 24: Live Another Day‘s breakout character, Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski), should prepare to be disappointed. The new spinoff will look a whole lot like Jack Bauer’s early years as it follows a new, never-before-seen male agent who picks up where Jack left off.

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If the spinoff sounds like a sad attempt to recapture the magic of 24 instead of embarking on a new journey, that’s because it is. Had the spinoff focused on Strahovski’s preexisting character, Fox might have been onto something. Jack is very much a throwback to a different time, while Kate represented a new era in 24‘s history and the changing face of television. Fans responded strongly to Kate, and Strahovski is a proven action hero, as any fan of Chuck would happily attest. A spinoff without Kate as the anchor is pointless — it is just a way to slap the brand name on the package of a new show with completely new characters.

Even if Gordon and company didn’t want to focus on Kate, switching the concept up enough to focus on a rookie female agent could have made the show instantly more interesting. The age of the male antihero is so last decade. On the bright side, this new young agent will be paired with a veteran female agent (not Kate) — and her presence is the only thing this reboot has going for it at this point. Having a female agent teach the new kid how things are done could give the show a small chance to set itself apart from the original 24.

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That small tidbit is all Gordon is offering up in terms of plot so far. Additionally, the spinoff will be launched as a miniseries with the potential to expand into an ongoing show. Sutherland is not currently on board, but the possibility that he could guest star is always on the table.

In other words, if you loved the testosterone-driven action of one man saving the world in 24 hours and hate watching reruns, then you will love this show. Which is exactly the same as the old show, just with a younger antihero for us to love and hate in equal measure. Meanwhile, the awesome Kate Morgan show that could have been will only live on in our hearts. Thanks so much, Fox.

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Are you interested in seeing a 24 reboot without Kate or Jack on board?

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