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Teen Mom 2: The fights are out of control in Season 6 trailer (VIDEO)

Divorce, custody battles and fights reign supreme in Teen Mom 2‘s Season 6 trailer.

Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry are back for another year of heartbreak, struggles and raising their kids in the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 trailer. The young mothers are in for more drama than ever before as custody battles and divorce threaten to destabilize their home lives for good. The trailer is full of tears and lots of screaming (from the kids, sure, but mostly from the adults) as each mom goes into full crisis mode.

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Jenelle Evans finds herself clashing with Nathan Griffith and her mother— and a return trip to court looks inevitable as Evans threatens to never let her mother see Jace again if Evans regains full custody of her son. Leah Messer is in a similar situation as she faces the prospect of losing custody of her twins. Faced with a court-ordered drug test from her ex and a divorce, Messer is going to have to pull herself together if she has any hope of hanging on to her kids. Maybe this is the wake-up call she needs to get her life in order before it is too late.

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Only Chelsea Houska’s life shows any sign of real happiness. Her relationship with her new boyfriend Cole DeBoer is still in the honeymoon period, leading to a blissful state at home. Well, as blissful as life can get with her ex, Adam Lind, seeking joint custody of their daughter Aubree. In the trailer’s most realistic and heartfelt moment, little Aubree tells her mother, “You can never, ever take back a promise.”

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Finally, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have reached a breaking point in their marriage. With their fighting escalating, even counseling may not be enough to save their marriage. Check out the trailer to see more of what is in store for each young woman in Season 6. The new season premieres Thursday, July 9 at 10/9c on MTV.

Which mom’s plight are you most invested in?

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