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Tracy Morgan’s first interview post-accident will bring you to tears (VIDEO)

Tracy Morgan hasn’t given an interview since before his involvement in a deadly car crash in June 2014.

An accident that almost took his life and which did take the life of his close friend, James McNair, on the New Jersey Turnpike. The accident was the result of a Walmart tractor-trailer, speeding, then slamming into the actor and comedian’s limousine.

The accident put Morgan in a coma and has left him with severe and life-altering injuries.

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During this interview, Morgan said he didn’t remember the actual accident, and the last time he remembers seeing his friend Jimmy Mac (as he called McNair) was at the comedy club after delivering a joke McNair had written for him.

Morgan said, “Bones heal, but the loss of my friend will never heal.” He was almost in tears from the moment Matt Lauer began the interview, and it is both heartbreaking and touching the way Morgan thanks his hospital nurses, doctors, first responders and even the folks on the side of the highway that stopped to help in addition to the thanks he continually gives his family for their love and support during his recovery process.

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Morgan touched on the settlement, which was finalized not much more than a week ago, with Walmart, saying the superstore has stepped up to the plate and taken full responsibility and that he was happy that now McNair’s family will be taken care of in the wake of his death.

He said he is not 100 percent yet but that we will definitely know when he is. A day that we can’t wait to see come. It is one of the most moving interviews I have ever seen, and not much more than thanks was even discussed.

Watch the entire interview below.
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