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The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale title might be an epic spoiler

HBO has just revealed the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale title, and it could have big implications for the story line.

The episode will be titled “Mother’s Mercy,” and while there are plenty of mothers the name could be referring to, if you’ve read the book, you know there is one mom, in particular, who stands out above the rest at this point in the story.

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WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you want potential spoilers from the show based on what happens in the books.

In the books, after Roose Bolton’s betrayal at the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark is brought back from the dead by Beric Dondarrion and the Lord of Light. She is most commonly referred to as Lady Stoneheart following her resurrection but is also known as The Hangwoman, The Silent Sister and — most notably for the purpose of this article — Mother Merciless.

Though actress Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn in the show, confirmed that Lady Stoneheart had been excluded entirely from the HBO series, it could be that even she was in the dark about her character’s planned return when she made that comment. Writers, after all, can always make different decisions as they go through each season.

If it is true that Lady Stoneheart will appear, her revenge could follow perfectly in time to save her daughter Sansa from Bolton’s wrath. So Lady Stoneheart would be killing two birds with one stone: getting rid of the Boltons who killed her and her son Rob and also saving Sansa from Ramsey’s psycho ways.

As Forbes said when it reported on the news, the show has yet to cover what actually happened to Catelyn’s body after she was killed. If it turns out she was returned to Winterfell and the whereabouts of her body are mentioned in the next couple of episodes, it will be a huge indicator that she is, in fact, returning by the Season 5 finale.

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And while I’m, personally, keeping my fingers crossed that the show has decided to move forward with the Lady Stoneheart story line, there are a few other leading ladies the finale title could be referring to.

Daenerys, as the mother of dragons, could be making huge waves in the finale. We know the dragons are causing some major trouble this season, so it could be an epic event in that department that closes out Season 5. However, I think this is the most likely scenario given what we know of the plot.

Rather, it is more likely that if Lady Stoneheart isn’t returning, the finale refers to Cersei (Lena Headey) who, in the books, is forced to march through the streets of King’s Landing naked so her shame is bare for all to see. She has been imprisoned by the High Sparrow, as we know, where the punishment fits the crime that puts her at the “mercy” of the gods.

We know this scene will appear at some point in Season 5 since there was a lot of commotion about the filming, which took place abroad in an area where being publicly naked wasn’t societally acceptable, even for the sake of a great show. The series ended up moving the location and filming took place.

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And though that might seem like the logical event for the finale, given the title and the fact we know it’s coming, that would be kind of an underwhelming finale event given we’re used to seeing showdowns that end with Tyrion shooting Tywin while he’s popping a squat. Or Dany becoming the mother of dragons. Cersei walking naked through the streets just doesn’t seem that epic. Of course, 14-year-old boys may disagree with me depending on just how much nudity we’re discussing here. I kid, I kid (sort of). My point being, we wouldn’t put it past the show to have something truly epic up its sleeves, and Lady Stoneheart definitely fits the bill.

Since The White Walkers and magic have been pretty much nonexistent so far this season (until tonight’s episode), her return would also be the perfect way to circle back to the mystic elements in the show. Not to mention, I’m ready for the Boltons to meet a revenge-filled demise.

Would you like to see Lady Stoneheart appear on the show or do you think it’s too late to incorporate her story line?

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