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Critics’ Choice TV Awards was overshadowed by 6 really strange moments

The Critics’ Choice TV Awards may be a bit mellower than some awards shows (we’re looking at you, MTV), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of awkwardness. The moments below made us cringe, LOL and just plain scratch our heads.

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Kevin Frazier made everyone uncomfortable talking about underwear

Let’s not focus on how awkward red-carpet host Kevin Frazier was with his near-constant use of “How great was that?” at the end of every interview. Rather, let’s focus on how his supercreeper gaze got turned on Carrie Ann Inaba. The first thing Frazier did was ask her to do a little twirl in her dress before commenting, “Don’t turn too far, this is a family show.” Um, OK. But to make matters worse, he then commented on how Inaba was wearing one of those “underwear-optional dresses that are all the rage” these days. Ew!

Max Greenfield is dramatic!

Ma Greenfield and Jake Johnson at Critics Choice Awards

Photo Credit: A&E

Feigned awkwardness is sometimes a little too awkward in a very real way. When New Girl‘s Jake Johnson and American Horror Story‘s Max Greenfield presented the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Max tried to be dramatic and it was… strange. “Being a dramatic supporting actor is not easy,” Jake quipped, before saying that usually actors are either dramatic or funny, not both. Max, his feelings hurt, ambled away dramatically… and then they hugged… and then everyone was relieved that the bit was finished and we could move on to the actual award.

T.J. Miller’s acceptance speech

Talking with his mouth full, Silicon Valley‘s T.J. Miller thanked the critics for his award by explaining, “Awards are for children, because children need a tangible representation of their achievement, whereas adults should settle for the respect and admiration of their peers. But what do I know? I just play an arrogant blowhard who says whatever the f*** he wants.” Miller also thanked Julia Louis-Dreyfus “just because we made eye contact.”

James Cordon made a show of trying to pick the remains of Miller’s victory meal off the mic, but he eventually tossed away the mic’s windscreen as “unsalvageable.” We believe you, James.

Allison Janney lip-locked James Cordon

Miller’s spitty mic wasn’t the only surprise in store for Cordon, however. Allison Janney shunned Cordon’s sweet hug and locked lips with The Late Late Show host instead.

Talk about a surprise! But a good one, since we love Allison Janney and Cordon played it off with aplomb.

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The lowest microphone ever

Listen, the mic may not need to be directly next to anyone’s mouth to pick up their volume, but it’s a known fact that people want to put their mouths right on top of it. So why in the world did they set the mic so low? Almost everyone who accepted their award spent their speech hunched over the mic like Smeagol grasping the One Ring.

Chelsea Peretti is… on drugs?

We’ve watched Chelsea Peretti and Terry Crews’ presentation for Best Made-for-TV Movie three times now, and we’re still not sure what happened. It started off so strong, with Crews making jokes about how a lot of made-for-TV movies from his childhood had strong “anti-drug” messages. Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) then said, “Whereas I’m on drugs right now, but different strokes for different folks.” Um, what? Crews nearly lost it, while Peretti asked for a do-over which, what with the show being live, obviously wasn’t possible. So where did the bit go wrong? Was Peretti’s deadpan “I’m on drugs now” line on the teleprompter, or was it just a superawkward slip? The world may never know… and we’re OK with that.

What were your favorite Critics’ Choice TV Awards moments? Tell us in the comments below!

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