Host makes Chris Pratt make a prank call about STDs (VIDEO)

Nothing like Chris Pratt to soften the blow of hearing that your son has an STD.

The Jurassic World actor was the victim of a series of interview pranks, but instead of getting angry, the actor proved just how cool he really is.

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After trying to drink water with his tongue, sharing some with the fake plants and telling Pratt his name actually sounds like “Crisp Rat,” the host for Smosh decided to take things even farther.

“Will you call my mom and tell her I have herpes?” the host asks.

“She doesn’t need to know that,” Pratt replies, managing to keep a straight face.

“Uh, she does.”

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And so the call begins. Pratt even holds it up to the screen to prove that the iPhone says “calling Mom.”

The voicemail picks up, but Pratt still plays along: “Hi Sharon, this is Chris Pratt calling. How ya doing? Hey, listen, I’m here with your son, Ian, and he’s contracted a venereal disease. Anyways, he thinks that he could have kissed you and he wants to make sure that if you’re showing any symptoms that you’ll know what that’s from. Although, I don’t know why kissing you would transmit to you genital herpes but… OK, this is, like I said, Dr. Chris Pratt. Call your son back and we’ll talk then. Bye-bye.”

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After he hangs up, Pratt adds, “That was really fun to do to a person,” with an awkward giggle.

Of course, that was far from the last of the hilarious stunts Ian pulled during the interview. Check out the full prank video below.


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