Party Down South 2's Karynda: What you didn't see on last night's episode

May 29, 2015 at 2:38 p.m. ET
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On last week’s show, we had a lot of fun getting to know the locals and exploring the town of St. Pete, but it felt so weird for all of us. We weren’t a complete family without Duke, who was at home for his grandpa’s funeral. There was also a lot of arguing between Bradley and Raven, but that didn’t stop this group from continuing with crazy times this week.

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With all the arguing between Raven and Bradley, Raven needed to take a step back from it all, so we decided to go out and have a girls' night. Best decision ever. Our only concern was making sure we had a good time paired with some good drinks. All of us were having a blast dancing, getting free drinks and meeting new people. Even Ashton was letting loose, bringing out her hip dance, which is always super-sexual, but since that is her official dance move, I just said, “Get it girrrl.” When we were out, I felt like we were finally getting to see the real Kelsie. She is hilarious and really likes to have a good time.

What you didn't see on the episode

What you didn’t see on the episode is that, throughout the night, Kelsie and Ashton made it their mission to acquire hats from people. I love hats, so of course I wanted to join in on this game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as successful as Kelsie and Ashton because I kept losing the hats I would take (k-woo problems).

During the night, I was able to show the locals of St. Pete my “cardiac arrest” dance move. I had a few dance-offs with some boys — they were coming from all over trying to get a piece of Karynda. How about the guy who stuck his hand through the zipper part on his jeans? Thank you for teaching me this new dance move, man whose name I don’t know.

Raven and the DJ

I could tell that Raven was having a good time out being free. She was hanging out with the DJ a lot and actually gave him a peck. I was surprised because he was not her type at all. Heck, he wasn’t even my type, and I’m pretty desperate for anything at this point. I had no idea about her kissing the DJ and giving him our number until the next day. Maybe he reminded her of Bradley, since Bradley is also a DJ.

If it were up to us, we would have stayed at that bar until daylight. When we got home, I hit the pavement hard, then hit the floor hard as they dragged me to my bed, and then I hit that hard. As Tommy and Hunter were dragging me, I had to pee, so before bed, we made a pit stop on the toilet where they actually had to help me use the bathroom. That’s what family is for, right? Meanwhile, Bradley and Raven were arguing again because the DJ called our house, and Raven tried to say he was calling for me. Bradley saw right through that, though.

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The next day, Raven didn't remember anything, so Bradley let it slide. Duke surprised us by coming home early. We were so happy to have him back, but a little disappointed because we had all bought overalls like Duke’s to surprise him when he returned, but he ended up being the one to surprise us. While it didn’t work out like we had planned, at least we had our missing link back in the house.

Will I date my boss?

This week, everyone saw us have our first work orientation. On the first day, Hubbard’s Marina looked like a very happening place where people were kayaking, fishing, dolphin watching, etc. It already looked like an awesome job. When our new bosses laughed at our ridiculous jokes and crazy questions, I knew they were going to be easy to get along with. They also seemed strict, though, so we knew not to cross them.

The boss, Dylan, is younger than me and he’s kinda cute, so I asked if he was single. Of course he would be engaged — dang! Our other boss was Tony, who is way older than me and reminds me of our manager Jesse from last season, so I backed off quickly as I have a tendency of making older men fall in love with me. Sorry, Tony! I was glad that we we’re finally starting our job — I think our house had maybe $2 among us and that certainly was not enough to party.

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Since Duke was finally back, we all decided to go out as a group. This was our first official time going out to a bar in St. Pete with all eight of us. We were going to a country bar, so Kelsie, Duke and I were in our element as we got in on the two-stepping and line dancing. Of course, Raven and Bradley started arguing because she was trying to do her own thing and she felt like Bradley was crowding her space. I walked into the bathroom at one point and saw Raven crying her eyes out, so I let her open up to me, which was very hard to get Raven to do. Even though we were drunk, I felt like this brought us closer together because she could confide in me and I was actually there to listen and give her advice. On the way home, all the girls decided to ride together (because we’re cooler). Raven opened up to all of us about her doubts surrounding her relationship with Bradley. It was an emotional night for Raven, but as a family, it brought some of the girls closer together.

When we got home, Bradley and Raven had a conversation and decided to break up. At this point, we all felt like it was the best thing for them and for all of us, so that we could have the best time on this vacation. We’ll see where it goes!

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