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Haters attack Snooki for growing up — and she attacks back (PHOTOS)

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi rose to fame with MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore, and even though her wild days are behind her, critics are still not allowing her to move on.

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Snooki’s latest venture is her book, Strong Is the New Sexy: A Kick Ass Memoir, but not everyone is showing their support for her. In fact, her social media pages are littered with negative comments, so she decided to screenshot one and share it.

Taking to Instagram, Snooki shared the comment that one user made about finding it hard to take advice from her after she’d spent so much time on TV being drunk. And in the caption, the former reality TV star let people know that she has grown up a lot, and they should stop being so hateful.

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She captioned the picture, “This is the perfect example of why I wanted to write my new book. What I did 6 years ago at 21 doesn’t define who I am today, nor will I take shit from a stranger who doesn’t know who I am. Rise above the hate, the judgmental people, and live the best, healthy positive life that you can. Of course you are going to be a drunk slob at some point in your life, but you grow older and wiser and learn what’s important in life.”

She continued, “I’ve done that and my kids are my world. I work out, I’m a strong, happy mom and I want to show you that you can change and become a better person, regardless of the nay Sayers that say you can’t. Sorry girl for using you as an example, but you asked for it. XOOX love yourself and stay positive, no matter what!”

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Snooki makes a brilliant point: No one is perfect. We have all done something that we regret in the past and she has made significant improvements in the way that she conducts herself now. But the most important thing to take away from Snooki’s comment is that she makes no apologies for who she is — and we love her for that.

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