Fuller House confirms major, obvious cast addition

May 29, 2015 at 11:49 a.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN.com

In a shocking turn of events, says no one, Bob Saget is confirmed for Netflix's Fuller House.

What would Full House be without Danny Tanner? An empty shell of a show lacking its warm, gooey moral center, that's what. When Netflix announced its Full House revival Fuller House (complete with an all this has happened before, all this will happen again Battlestar Galactica style premise), I assumed Bob Saget's return was a given.

I mean, come on. D.J.'s husband dies, leaving her with two kids to raise with only the help of Stephanie and Kimmy Gibler, and her father, who went through almost exactly the same situation, isn't going to show up? That would take one serious midlife crisis on Danny's part to explain away. Never fear though, Full House fans, because Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) took to Twitter to confirm the news we already knew: Saget is back, baby.

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Saget was the final member of the original cast to be announced; no doubt because Stamos knew he had to save the best for last. Fuller House is now complete, sans Michelle, but hey, maybe she will send a postcard to check in on her grieving sister. Stranger things have happened, like the part where we are all living in a world where a Full House revival is a thing.

The return of Danny ensures Fuller House will feature the requisite episode-ending warm talks where an important life lesson is imparted and everyone hugs. I am not even being sarcastic here because that was a super important part of the show.

Every time Danny knocked on D.J., Stephanie or Michelle's door, the music would swell, and he would drop some solid dad advice on them (and us). Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Joey are great, but D.J. is going to need a good old-fashioned heart-to-heart with Danny before she can get back on her feet.

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Yes, it's total non-news, but admit it, your Friday is much happier knowing Danny Tanner is coming home. Don't believe me? Check out this classic scene from the first episode and prepare to be swept away by your long-repressed Danny emotions.


Fuller House will follow D.J., Kimmy and Stephanie as they join forces to raise D.J.'s two sons and Kimmy's daughter after the death of D.J.'s firefighter husband. All of Full House's major players are slated to return minus the Olsen twins. Fuller House will premiere on Netflix in 2016.

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