Amazing story of how Taylor Swift 'saved' teens from car crash

May 29, 2015 at 11:28 a.m. ET
Image: Judy Eddy/

A really cool light show and amazing Taylor Swift performance did more than make lasting memories for a few teens. Their take-home part of the show may have literally saved their lives.

On Wednesday, a group of teens from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, attended Swift's 1989 concert at Tiger Stadium.

In a post on Swift's website, Avery Talbot told a harrowing tale of how post-concert the girls split up into two groups, one headed for home around 1 a.m. when tragedy almost struck. The driver, Elizabeth Dazzio, was carrying her sister, Caroline and a friend Emma, who all had attended the concert. Talbot continued her story, saying, "On her way home Daz (as she calls Dazzio) unfortunately fell asleep while getting off the interstate… It was almost 1 AM and pitch black and the girls and the totaled car could not be seen."

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But in a stroke of pure luck, at that night's performance Swift handed out light-up bracelets, which, according to Talbot, "were all synchronized with Taylor and the entire stadium was able to light up at once." She said it made for great pictures.

According to WBRZ, two of the girls' phones were dead, the other couldn't be found amid the wreckage, but the girls "could smell the gas and smoke" and were thinking, "We need to get out of this car."

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The girls said cars were passing them by, but no one stopped because they could not see them. Talbot said, "When two of the girls in the back (Emma & Caroline) realized they could not receive help, one of their bracelets flashed… They started tapping the bracelets on the window & eventually a lady pulled aside to help and call 911."

The woman told the girls she saw the lights and knew someone needed help. She and a man who was with her pulled the girls to safety and called first responders.

Dazzio is expected to be released from the hospital soon. The amazing tale of resourcefulness garnered even the attention of TSwift herself. She tweeted about it on Thursday.


We are so glad the girls will all be all right and that they kept their wits about them to do whatever they needed to get to safety.

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