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19 Kids and Counting is gone, so how will TLC fill the Duggar void?

We’re still waiting for TLC to officially cancel 19 Kids and Counting following the revelation Josh Duggar molested multiple young girls. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the only acceptable way for TLC to proceed — the fact it has only so far pulled all of the show’s episodes is simply not enough.

We’re also really not keen on this Duggar spin-off idea, regardless of whether or not Josh will be on it. In short, it’s time for all of the Duggars to vacate the TV premises permanently.

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But we’re aware that leaves a massive programming void for TLC to fill. So, in an effort to provide a helpful solution to that dilemma, we’ve come up with a list of families we’d be keen to see more of on the tube. Some of these families already have shows currently airing, some of them have previously had shows on the air and one of them has never had a reality TV show, and we think it’s about time they did.

The Reminis

If you are yet to tune in to Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, clear your schedule and make it a priority. In short: Leah Remini is a hoot and so is pretty much every member of her family. Her mom, in particular, will have you in stitches. Not only is this show entertaining, it also makes us feel warm because the Reminis are so supportive of one another and clearly enjoy being together.

The Willises

If TLC is looking to give more airtime to another large family with religious leanings, then it should up the number of episodes of its current offering, The Willis Family. But Duggars these people are not. Rather than making almost everything they do about religion, the Willises prefer to let their faith speak for itself and don’t feel the need to condemn anybody else. They are also super-talented musicians with a tragic backstory who won many fans when they competed on America’s Got Talent.

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The Kings

We certainly wouldn’t complain if TLC wanted to take Farm Kings off Great American Country’s hands and produce some new episodes. Not only does this large family have a great farming philosophy, but they’re also hilarious. We would love to see more of this entertaining brood on our screens.

The Hamills

TLC has had a few shows focused on little people, but we’re pretty fond of their most recent offering, Our Little Family. Dan and Michelle Hamill had our admiration, support and sense of kinship throughout the show’s first season as we watched them try to navigate obstacles and help their kids understand their condition and how it made them different from other children. We’d certainly be keen for more of this family’s journey.

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The Valastros

Cake Boss, which follows Carlo Valastro’s quest to achieve his late father’s dream of making his cake shop a household name with the help of his family, has our two favorite things: a family who supports one another and cake. The show was renewed for two more seasons back in January, so it seems like TLC will have a whole helping of new eps of this show with which to fill the Duggar void.

The Simmonses

After seven seasons on A&E, Gene Simmons Family Jewels came to a close in 2012. But this show, and this family, really surprised us — Simmons and his wife, Shannon, and their two kids, Nick and Sophie, were not at all what we imagined based on Gene’s Kiss days. In fact, we found them to be super entertaining and incredibly likable. We think TLC should resurrect the show, in big part because the idea of Gene Simmons and his family taking over Duggar programming real estate just seems hilarious to us.

The Hanson brothers

How is it that this musical trio has never had a reality TV show? Firstly, they are super talented (seriously, take a listen to some of their recent stuff if you weren’t actually aware they have recent stuff) and they are seriously nice guys. Plus, if TLC absolutely must replace the super-religious Duggars with another family for whom religion is important, the Hanson brothers are a perfect option: They have never been shy about how important their Christian faith is to them, but they have also never felt the need to shove it down everybody’s collective throat. So, basically, a Hanson brothers reality TV show seems like a no-brainer to us. Hop to it, TLC, because we are now super attached to this idea.

Which families would you like to see fill the Duggar void on TLC?

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