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Sherri Shepherd’s baby joke on The View is so insensitive (VIDEO)

It’s not like Sherri Shepherd was going to win any Mother of the Year awards after abandoning her unborn child via surrogate, but her latest comments are so wildly inappropriate it’s astonishing.

Shepherd stopped by The View today to guest host — she left her permanent position there in 2014 — and made some super-awkward comments about having children and her ex-husband.

What you won’t see in the video below is that moments before Raven-Symoné began talking about how much she wants a baby, Shepherd went on and on about how awesome her 10-year-old son is — then the video starts.

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Shepherd’s joke that she has a baby or two to spare is so wrong, considering that she was just forced by a judge to be named the legal mother of a baby she deserted in the middle of the surrogate’s pregnancy.

And that’s not all. In a later segment, she went on and on about how she never should have married her ex-husband, who is now raising the child by himself, and that she should have listened to the warnings of her friends.

“I actually feel like if I had listened to my best friends, I wouldn’t be having… a million attorneys in my life right now,” she explained.

“My best friends told me… all the stuff that I’m going through now, all the best friends who told me, ‘Sherri, don’t do this…’ especially Whoopi Goldberg. She was one who came to my room every day and was like, ‘Here’s the red flags.'”

Maybe that is a fair assessment of the situation, but it did come across as incredibly insensitive, all things considered.

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