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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law — for the 13th time

Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law again, and it’s all because of that green-eyed monster called jealousy.

It all started when Evans’ baby daddy Nathan Griffith called the cops, accusing her of vandalizing his car during a custody dispute. He said when he went outside to confront Evans, she attacked him by punching, slapping and trying to kick him down a flight of stairs, and he said she reeked of booze. He also accused her of clawing at him and trying to choke him with his own shirt.

According to the police report, Griffith has scratches on his neck, a ripped shirt and bruises on his face, all consistent with his story.

However, Evans’ lawyer told TMZ that Griffith started the fight by trying to run over her with his truck after stealing her phone and refusing to hand over their son, and her PR team tweeted a message to the same effect.

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Evans’ attorney also confirmed the fight to Us Weekly.

“I can confirm that there is a warrant out for Jenelle’s arrest for criminal domestic violence, stemming from an incident that happened last night,” Amy S. Lawrence told the mag. “She is not taking any charges out on him.”

Lawrence also said that Griffith did not want to press charges and will do whatever he can to make sure Evans is not jailed.

“He will do everything that he can to get these charges dismissed for Jenelle,” Lawrence continued. “He understands that she’s hurt because they’ve broken up, and he’s dating somebody else and things escalated in a way they shouldn’t have. But he does not want her to have any kind of criminal consequence for this.

“We are going to turn Jenelle in tomorrow morning, and we’ll have her bond hearing tomorrow afternoon in Myrtle Beach City,” Lawrence added. “They’re also going to work out a custody plan as well.”

And as it turns out, the whole thing may have just been caused by Evans’ broken heart.

“She’s just… I think that in her heart she thought that maybe with them breaking up that they would get back together because they have a child together,” Lawrence explained. “And I think she’s just very hurt that he has moved on.”

In the wise words of Miranda Lambert, it might be time for Evans to hide her crazy and start acting like a lady — if not for herself, then for the sake of her child.

Griffith was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting Evans, and has struggled with addiction. Evans has a long history of trouble with the law, including arrests for heroin possession, assault, stalking, harassment, violating a restraining order and breaking and entering.

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