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Lamar Odom has some fanciful words about the status of his marriage

Are Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom actually over?

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Maybe not, according to a new video obtained by TMZ.

In the clip, Lamar admits on camera that he thinks he and Khloé could still patch things up.

The video was recorded Monday in Santa Monica, according to TMZ, when a paparazzo reportedly asked Lamar whether there’s any chance he and Khloé might work things out and his response was, surprisingly, “Of course.”

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It’s tough to hear exactly what he’s saying in the video, but TMZ thinks it can make out Lamar saying Khloé is “still my girl,” as well as “that’s my wife” — which is what we heard when we watched the video, too.

There’s other evidence to say these two may not be as through as they’d like us all to believe. Even though Khloé filed for divorce well over a year ago — in December 2013 — neither party has made any movement at all in the case since then. In fact, a judge has recently threatened to dismiss the case due to lack of action.

So are these two actually heading for a divorce? TMZ’s sources say no, and we have to agree that it’s not looking so likely. Sources in Khloé’s camp still say it’s on, though.

They were trying to work things out, but Lamar isn’t shaping up well at all,” a source told Life & Style this week. “He recently left his home and he’s now staying with a cousin of his. He can’t handle his bills, his career, or his life.”

That source continues, “Khloé’s now kicking herself for falling for his bullshit lies. She knows she is totally in love with [him], but she’s now realizing it is time to move on and divorce him.”

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Which side do you believe in the years-long saga of Khloé and Lamar’s divorce? Head down to the comments and let us know.

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