Simon Cowell upsets tons of parents with recent comments about his son

May 27, 2015 at 7:54 p.m. ET
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Maybe Simon Cowell should have kept this parenting admission to himself.

The Britain's Got Talent judge and executive producer revealed in an interview with Hello! magazine that he has yet to change a diaper for his 15-month-old son Eric, but he "loves being a dad."

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And parents are not responding well.

"Is that supposed to be a 'badge of honor'?" one commenter asked. "Does he think he's father of the year or something?"

"How can you be a real father if you will not even change your own child's diaper," another said. "The man is a TOTAL loser!"

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On the upside, just because Cowell doesn't change diapers, doesn't mean he doesn't spend time with his son. "Eric makes me laugh," he said in the interview. "He and I communicate very well because we basically like the same things — Scooby Doo, Disney movies, laughing at the dogs."


Even though Cowell has opted out of some seriously important dad duties, he isn't necessarily done having kids with girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

"It would be lovely to have two and, yes, I would like to have a little girl," Cowell revealed.

The two even already have a name picked out since there was a mixup at the hospital when Silverman was pregnant with Eric.

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"When I was pregnant with Eric I was told by the doctors he was a girl," Silverman said, according to People. "But he just fooled them. There were a few names floating around, but we had our name picked out and it would be lovely to have a girl."

Maybe Cowell should just get over his diaper fear first.

Do you think the fact that Cowell hasn't changed a diaper makes him a bad dad?