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Amy Schumer responds to ABC’s request to be the next Bachelorette (PHOTOS)

Turns out, fans weren’t the only ones who thought Amy Schumer’s The Bachelorette appearance was epic. ABC executives agreed and may be looking to have her as a more permanent fixture.

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Following overwhelming fan support due to her guest commentary about the guys, which was too amazing for words, ABC executive Robert Mills offered Schumer the spot as the next Bachelorette.

And Schumer was quick to respond to the offer.

Not only was Schumer brutally honest with the guys about their appearance, like Chris the dentist’s toothpaste-colored shirt, but she was also quick to put this season’s villain, JJ, perfectly in his place.

“JJ’s a sweetheart,” Schumer said on the show. “He’s just missing, like, charisma and humility and a sense of humor.”


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And she didn’t stop there. “Maybe when he sees this, he’ll reflect. And not be such a turd.”

Obviously, we would be really shocked if Schumer actually took the Bachelorette gig but, hey, we can dream. She definitely wouldn’t be apologizing for having sex, that’s for sure!

Having Schumer on the show did way more than make the least likable men this season all the more entertaining. She also helped Kaitlyn reestablish her power, after it was given away in the premiere by having two Bachelorettes vying for the men’s attention.

Schumer, through her humor and blunt demeanor, reinstated the ladies’ control this season. The show even seems to be paying penance, as well, by having strong, driven ladies as guest stars. Aside from Schumer, boxing champion Laila Ali also appeared to teach the guys how to hit. So at least the show is trying to atone for its unprogressive decision to have two Bachelorettes on the first night.

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Of course, the show still has a lot of ground to cover before it makes up for that poor decision, but having Schumer appear as The Bachelorette next season might be a good start.

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