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The Duggar scandal isn’t funny — but Jon Stewart’s joke about it is (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore couldn’t resist bringing up the Duggar scandal that has rocked the internet this past week.

And the joke was definitely well-placed after news that the wholesome family had some super-unwholesome, dirty secrets due to son Josh, who admitted to molesting girls as a teen.

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During the last few seconds of The Daily Show before Comedy Central segued into The Nightly Show, Stewart checked in with Wilmore just to say ‘hi’ after their weeklong break off the air.

“Hey, did you have a good week off, Larry?” Stewart asks, innocently.

“Yeah, Jon, you know, I just kinda disconnected and caught up with my favorite TV show, 19 Kids and Counting,” Wilmore said, mockingly. “Man, I love those Duggars! They’re so good!”

Stewart tries to interrupt to break the bad news about the scandal, but Wilmore is just too in love with those Duggars for Stewart to break his heart like that.

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“Man, I mean, Jon, it was just so nice to watch a show about a family with togetherness and good old-fashioned values,” he continued, still with pretend cluelessness. “You know, I hope nothing happens that makes me decontextualize their closeness and isolation into something dangerous.”

Ultimately, Stewart decides to let his friend live in his mock ignorance, “You know what?” Stewart concludes, “Just enjoy your favorite show.”

Unfortunately for those like Wilmore, you won’t get to keep enjoying your “favorite show” since TLC has pulled the episodes off the air.

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Personally, I would love to hear a full-on Jon Stewart rant about the Duggars in the near future, but this closing sketch was just enough to tease the gloriousness Stewart could continue to bring to this situation.

Check out the funny moment below.

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