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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner insider reveals shocking news about their marriage

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are one of our favorite Hollywood power couples, but it turns out things might not be as peachy between them as we always dreamed.

A source told OK! magazine that the couple, parents to three little ones, is “already separated” and will soon file for divorce.

“Ben wants the official statement to come out a few weeks before their 10th anniversary, June 29 — which he hopes will give enough time for the news to die down by the time he has to promote Batman v Superman and the other movies he has coming out next year,” the insider revealed.

While the news might come as a surprise to fans, apparently friends of the couple won’t be very shocked.

“Often, when Ben and Jen have a problem, they just agree to ride it out and be miserable together until they can get some time apart,” a pal of Garner’s said. “Jennifer has close friends who think that she and Ben are a horrible fit, despite how much he loves being a father to those kids.”

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Affleck has a well-known love of gambling, which has reportedly been a longtime source of stress in the marriage. “Jen and Ben have had many fights this year over his increased gambling,” the insider said. He was even banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after being accused of counting cards while playing blackjack.

Things have gotten so bad, even the neighbors of Garner’s sister Susannah are talking about it. “This is a very difficult time for her,” one told OK!. “Everyone needs to stop talking about it.”

Good luck with that one. But we are really bummed to hear this, and hope this is one Hollywood rumor that is not true.

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