Outlander season finale spoilers point to darkest episode yet

Outlander‘s season finale is set to be one of TV’s darkest hours.

Brace yourselves, Outlander fans. Season 1 is going to end with some of the most harrowing scenes ever aired on television. Taking a page from the darkest part of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series to end the season, the final episode will find Jamie (Sam Heughan) being tortured and raped at the hands of Black Jack (Tobias Menzies).

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The entire season has been leading Jack to a point where the full extent of his sadism finally comes into focus, and it is not going to be a pretty sight. Fans of Jamie need to buckle up because the heartache is going to be very real as he faces his sentencing. In an interview with E! Online, Menzies revealed, “Jack, I would argue, is a study in sadism. He’s interested in people’s boundaries, their pain thresholds, what they can handle. It’s a rather sickening investigation.”

As Jack turns his attention to Jamie, expect the finale to become almost unbearable to watch. Making things even more complicated is the fact that Menzies plays the dual roles of Jack and Frank (Claire’s 1940s husband). After Claire (Caitriona Balfe) sees what Jack does to her love, Jamie, will she ever be able to look at Frank the same way again?

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Unsettling as Jack may be, Menzies relishes the role even though he admitted to E! it can be hard to embody such a dark character. “It would be a lie to say that I go home and shake it off. But it’s what excites me as an actor when I see it and when I manage to do it myself, when there’s lots of shades within the colors of the characters. It’s true to life, isn’t it? Nothing is one thing or the other. Jack is one of life’s interesting contradictions. He does have some personal insight, he gets people and how they work but he chooses to abuse those rather than comfort them or reassure them.”

As a character study, Jack is certainly interesting, but Jamie and Claire fans are well within their rights to curse his name. After the events of the finale, the star-crossed lovers will never be the same again. Are you prepared to watch Jamie face such brutality, and how do you think Claire will react?

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For a sneak peek at the season finale, check out the preview below. Outlander‘s season finale airs Saturday, May 30 at 9/8c on Starz.


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