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Bobby Flay’s rumored new girlfriend is a fellow Food Network star



Or is it more?

Bobby Flay has been in the hot seat as of late with details of his bad behavior toward his Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star wife, Stephanie March, and with the details of his messy divorce circulating. But things seem to continue to be heating up for the Throwdown! star.

According to a report released by Radar Online, Flay has been getting more than chummy with none other than another Food Network star, Giada De Laurentiis.

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The Giada at Home star and Flay were allegedly spotted at a New York City restaurant getting cozy. A source for Radar said, “They were holding hands under the table and looked very cozy. They even carved their initial in a secret place on the wall.”

A staff member at the restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato, confirmed the two did, in fact, dine together saying, “They had a great time, together, ate pasta and fish and tipped well.”

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This comes on the heels of one of Flay’s friends spilling the beans about the pair spending a lot of time together and seem to be acting like a couple of giddy teenagers. He said, “Even when work keeps them apart, they’re phoning and texting each other all the time!”

While De Laurentiis has, herself, been married before, I don’t know if she is quite on the same serial-marriage level as Flay, who has been married now (and soon to be divorced) three times (already). Then you throw in the rumors about Flay being the father of January Jones’ child and that is a lot of baggage to take on. But, to each his own and who knows, maybe this time, if there is love, it will be the forever kind?

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UPDATE, May 29: Turns out the rumors about Giada de Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are not true, and a rep for de Laurentiis just revealed as much to E! News.

The rep told the publication that the report is simply “not true” and then it was revealed what really happened.

“Back in December, Giada had dinner at Bellato with her agent. Bobby Flay was also having dinner with some friends and dropped by Giada’s table to say hi,” her rep tells E! News. “They did not have dinner, nor was there any touching going on.”

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