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Pretty Little Liars‘ Sasha Pieterse reveals 14 new details about Charles

Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, reveals new details about Charles and where his story line is headed in Season 6.

During our interview with Pieterse, the Pretty Little Liars actress gave us a ton of juicy tidbits about Charles and the game that will play out in the upcoming summer season.

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1. “Charles is somehow related to the DiLaurentis family”

Pieterse shared that while many have speculated, she was allowed to reveal this huge confirmation, “So use it wisely,” she teased.

2. “Charles is obsessed with the girls and obsessed with everything that he has created in his mind”

3. “Having the real Alison is his passion and his dream”

Charles wasn’t to complete his dollhouse. He already has Mona and the liars. The only missing piece is Alison.

4. “He’s this self-destructive…”

5. “…hypersensitive…”

6. “…crazy genius that is haunting these girls”

Season 6 is going to be all about the girls trying to figure out what his plans are, Pieterse revealed.

7. Alison is in the dark about Charles

“She has no clue who this person is.”

And neither does Pieterse.

“Not everything is written yet,” the actress said. “You know, we’re still in the process of filming, so I’m kind of in the dark about that, too. And I enjoy finding out all these different secrets that are coming about.”

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8. The DiLaurentis family is in the dark, too

The fact that Alison is in the dark raises the question, “If Charles is somehow related to the DiLaurentis family, how come no one knew about him? And that unravels a whole other, different kind of cool story line, actually.”

9. “It’s going in a super cool direction”

And one that “fans aren’t necessarily expecting,” Pieterse added.

10. “This is the summer of answers”


“I think the fans will be satisfied,” Pieterse promised, “especially before the time jump, and after I think it’s going to be a cool way to connect everything.”

But now that we have the flash forwards coming up, this time saying it’s the summer of answers might actually mean something.

11. Alison is not Charles

Although, Pieterse did say that anything is popular in showrunner I. Marlene King’s world. “I think everything she’s doing now is genuine. She’s not really manipulating anyone anymore. She’s really trying to figure out her demons and what caused her to do things.”

“I honestly do believe she’s innocent,” Pieterse said. “I don’t think she’s A.”

12. “This is someone that could be a lot closer than anyone knew”

Which means the possibility still exists that Charles is one of the characters we’ve seen on the show since the beginning. (I still haven’t ruled out Ezra, just sayin’.)

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13. “This is definitely the darkest season that we’ve had”

And Pieterse said it’s because Charles has been brought into the show. “We start to find out things about Charles and it just gets more disturbing, more disturbing and more disturbing.”

She described filming this season as “horror-esque.”

14. “Everything is going to come together”

Ultimately, Pieterse promised that with the Charles reveal, Season 6 will also bring his backstory, history and motive, which are what viewers are craving.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premieres June 2 on ABC Family.

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