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Details on Ryan Seacrest’s new hosting gig, now that American Idol is over

Ryan Seacrest doesn’t plan on taking any downtime after American Idol‘s final season, which will air next year.

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Instead, the host will be moving on to a new Fox show called Knock Knock Live, in which Seacrest won’t just be serving as host but will also serve as an executive producer along with Idol‘s Simon Fuller.

The premise of the show will have Seacrest’s team knocking on the front door of unsuspecting contestants each week across the country. The person will have the opportunity to win big cash prizes, meet their favorite celebrities and “turn their dreams into reality,” which sounds like the total package right?

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The show will pair up fans with celebrities and put them head-to-head. An example is a basketball star challenging an aspiring player, or a major pop star duking it out with an unknown in a front lawn concert. It will also feature surprise marriage proposals and life-changing prizes like having your mortgage paid as a result of one of the impromptu games. Basically, any amazing and life-chanigng event is on the table.

Seacrest will be in studio at “mission control” in Los Angeles for his hosting duties and he will have a team that will travel for the competitions and surprises each week.

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The show is slated to premiere Tuesday, July 21 on Fox. If you think you have what it takes to compete with your favorite celebrity or if you have a life-changing event you want the show’s help with, you can sign up on the Knock Knock Live website.

Do you think Knock Knock Live will be worth the watch?

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