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Amy Duggar’s boyfriend reveals if Amy was one of Josh Duggar’s victims

Amy Duggar’s boyfriend has revealed that she wasn’t one of Josh Duggar’s sexual assault victims.

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In an Instagram photo posted Friday, Amy’s boyfriend, Dillon King, said, “I’m so thankful for this beautiful girl in my life, praying for the Duggar family in this hard time… Thank you Jesus Amy wasn’t involved in the situation. Love you baby girl! Praying for your family and the love ones involved. @amyduggar (sic).”

Amy responded by thanking her boyfriend for his beautiful words as well as thanking the fans for their continued thoughts and prayers.

And while Amy clearly didn’t mind her boyfriend’s gesture, some commenters took issue with his post.

“This is so tacky,” one wrote.

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“I personally feel that posting a comment on Instagram about the fact that Amy wasn’t involved looks a bit insensitive to the victims who were,” another added.

Dillon responded to all the negative comments, defending his post. “How is praying for the Duggar family and the victims at this time as they are dealing with things, and being glad that my girlfriend wasn’t involved wrong?” he asked, clarifying that he found out about the molestation charges against Josh Duggar from the media. “Please don’t think I’m only thinking of myself and Amy in this situation (that’s not the case). My prayers goes out to the Duggar family, the [people] involved and the families involved (sic).”

Following Josh’s confession last week that he had inappropriately touched multiple young women, sometimes forcefully, when he was a teenager, TLC pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting from the air.

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Due to the statute of limitations, Josh most likely will not be tried for his crimes but said that when he told his family of his wrongdoings they sent him for intense counseling and he has since changed his ways. His wife, Anna, as well as his parents are standing by his side amidst the scandal.

Many people have found Josh’s situation to be, as Bette Midler described on Twitter, a “delicious irony” since Josh holds extreme anti-gay beliefs because he thinks gay people are a danger to children.

“Yup, Gay people are a danger to kids?” Montel Williams wrote on Twitter. “NOPE, JOSH DUGGAR IS.”

Do you think Dillon King’s Instagram comments were insensitive?

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