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Kim Richards allegedly caused a huge scene at her daughter’s wedding

Kim Richards was allegedly under the influence at her daughter’s wedding, and the result was bad. Really bad.

TMZ reports that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had such a big meltdown during the ceremony that her sober coach quit.

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It’s unclear at this time whether Richards used drugs, alcohol or both, but guests report she was definitely on something.

To make matters worse, Richards was apparently saying some pretty nasty things to her daughter, Brooke Brinson, who was the bride. And she even went so far as to throw insults at the groom’s family, too. Her words were so hurtful that Brooke has vowed not to speak to her mother again.

Richards had been getting help from a rehab facility which gave her a pass to attend the Mexico destination wedding, but gave her a deadline to return Monday, which Richards hasn’t met. TMZ’s sources say the reality star has gone silent and is still in Cabo somewhere.

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Bridesmaid and Richards’ relative, Paris Hilton, shared some beautiful photos from the day, with Richards included, and all appears to be well.

Hilton even shared a video of Richards giving a speech at the reception with a heartfelt and coherent message to her daughter’s new husband, Thayer Wiederhorn. It doesn’t appear to be a woman who’s on the verge of cursing out her new son-in-law’s family.

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Neither Richards nor her daughter have commented on the rumors.

Do you think Kim Richards fell off the wagon at Brooke’s wedding or are the rumors completely untrue?

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