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Harry Potter actress slams anti-gay trolls in impassioned open letter

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch is speaking out against anti-gay hate online and her rant is spot-on.

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After Lynch took to Instagram to celebrate Ireland’s passage of a referendum approving same-sex marriage this past weekend, she discovered the close-minded hate firsthand.

But instead of ignoring the negativity, Lynch decided to take a stand against the homophobic messages she received, using her Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood as a shining example of why the hate is unacceptable.

She spoke directly to her 832 thousand Facebook followers, writing, “Luna Lovegood’s love is a GOOD kind of love. It is not conditional or possessive or needy or demanding. It doesn’t fall apart the moment you expose a piece of yourself that is unconventional or even unbecoming. Luna is a character who accepts all people and creatures in all forms, loves them for exactly what they are and who is constantly in awe at the diversity, strangeness and newness of each being she encounters… The only way Luna can be quintessentially Luna is because she loves and accepts herself fully. If Luna were to condemn and vilify such an intrinsic human thing as our sexuality and see ANY color of it as wrong she would not sit so comfortably within herself and she would not be who we know and love.”

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She further asks anyone who is homophobic to unfollow and block her because she doesn’t want that poison seeping in to any part of her life.

Check out Lynch’s full post below.

Following all the positive support Lynch received from her message, she also posted a comment thanking the fans.

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And while Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has yet to comment on Lynch’s post, she’s been defending Ireland’s new law against any hate as well.

Well said, ladies.

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