The best TV show you never saw was just canceled, and it’s a shame

Unless you’re an anglophile or a massive comedy nerd, you’ve probably never heard of the BBC’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks. And, really, it’s a bloody shame.

Premiering in 1996 and airing 269 episodes between then and now, Never Mind the Buzzcocks was the best place in Britain to hear sarcastic and funny people talk about the music and bands you love to hate and hate to love. To a certain extent, you could think of it as somewhat of a mix between Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Jeopardy and old-school MTV News (We miss you, Kurt Loder!). Aside from the always brilliant presenters (they changed from time to time) and the string of regular team captains (like Noel Fielding), Buzzcocks was a constant parade of musical guests both modern and popular, old and washed up or somewhere in between. Week after week, the show delivered some of the best comedy on the BBC, which Americans only ever got to experience later on, via YouTube.

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Our dreams of syndication to BBC America seem to be shattered thanks to the BBC’s cancellation. But to honor Fielding and the gang, we thought we’d share some of our favorite fangirl moments and episodes.

1. The one with Frankie Boyle and the Hurricane Katrina show

Too soon? We don’t think so. Then again, we’re massive fans of Boyle from his time on Mock the Week. This guest-presented episode is one of our all-time faves.

2. The one with the best Courtney Love joke ever

What started as a pathetic attempt to get invited to more parties quickly spiraled into a hilarious throwback to rumors about Kurt Cobain’s death.

3. The one with James Corden… you know him

James Corden isn’t just a late-night host and Stormageddon’s dad on Doctor Who. He’s a well-respected comedian. He brought his A-game during his Buzzcocks stint.

4. The one where Simon Amstell made fun of a guest musician’s biography

So mean. So funny.

5. The one with, yes, the Doctor Who cast

Now this is one you can definitely get behind, right?

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6. The one where Russell Brand showed up

…and killed it.

Man, we’re going to miss Never Mind the Buzzcocks. You might not ever catch it live, but it’s not too late to see the hundreds of videos fans and the network have posted online. Seriously. Put yourself on a Buzzcocks spiral and watch it better your day.

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