New pic of Rumer Willis surfaces that has everyone talking (PHOTO)

May 26, 2015 at 11:11 a.m. ET
Image: Apega/


You are going to have to do a double take when you see this photo of Rumer Willis and her mom, Demi Moore.

Willis, 26, posted this photo to her Instagram account of the mom-and-daughter pair dressed identically with their signature long black locks and Buddy Holly-esque thick black-rimmed glasses and black jumpers.


There seems to be no lack of confidence in this photo from either mom or her beautiful daughter. Willis has historically suffered from insecurities about her looks in the past. She said she is not mad about looking like her mother, using the hashtag "#imnotmad."

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And there is nothing to be ashamed of or self-conscious about with Willis' grown-up self. She is definitely owning her body these days, and she recently reposted this super sexy poolside selfie with the hashtag "#sorrynotsorry."


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Her mother, who, of course, at age 52 looks like she isn't a day over age 30 and has looked flawless for decades, said this about her children to Us Weekly: "The tabloid bullying all three of my children have experience, especially in their teens, has truly been painful. No child should be subjected to that type of judgment or criticism, especially based on their looks… As a parent, all you can do is love them and keep loving them until they love themselves."

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Since her DWTS appearance and subsequent win, Willis seems to have completely blossomed, and her mom is "thrilled" about it. "I am so proud of her and excited for people to be seeing what I have seen since she was a little girl. She is incredibly talented, and I love seeing her light shine!" Moore said.

What a beautiful woman and what a proud momma!