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Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar now dealing with extreme child abuse allegations

It seems nothing has been or continues to be more polarizing than the Duggar family.

Their strict religious beliefs are seen by some as wholesome and moral while others see something more sinister in their behavior.

Well, in the wake of the Josh Duggar child sex abuse scandal and all the revelations coming out amid that tragedy, more and more details of the Quiverfull family’s secretive, off-camera actions are also coming out.

Radar Online is reporting that in the same report in which Josh Duggar openly admitted he molested five young girls, at least one allegedly being a younger sister, details of the Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle’s use of corporal punishment were contained.

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According to Radar, the documents allege the parents participated in what some might consider perfectly fine parenting tactics while others might consider those tactics to be violent discipline or even child abuse.

In the report, allegedly, an investigator identified as “Taylor” asked one victim about being spanked, to which the young victim replied, “They have a rod,” (presumably used to punish the children). The victim also allegedly told the investigator the parents use this rod on “all of the children,” but when asked if they left bruises, the child said “no.”

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We don’t have much more context than these few questions and answers to know if this is more malicious than simple spankings, but even that act in itself is highly debated in parenting circles. People either fall very clearly on the side of or against striking children for any reason.

As more details are revealed about the Duggars, and as the floodgates have been opened and the spotlight is even more on the conservative family, it will be interesting to see what other details about their family life and parenting tactics are called into question.

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