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Game of Thrones: 11 Ways Tyrion and Daenerys are perfect for each other

Tyrion and Daenerys have finally, finally met on Game of Thrones, and they promise to be one of the most exciting pairings on the show yet.

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you want all the juicy deets from last night’s episode of Game of Thrones.

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Here are the top ways Tyrion and Daenerys are perfect for each other.

1. Tyrion is good with the ladies

And we’re not just talking about his conquests. Remember when he and Sansa were married? He was so respectful of her it was heart wrenching. No doubt he will give Dany similar courtesy — once they get past sizing each other up, of course.

2. Daenerys doesn’t judge anyone for things they cannot control

Tyrion is used to people talking down to him, but Dany will definitely be an exception. She won’t see Tyrion for his dwarfism but instead for the potential he can bring to her rule.

3. Tyrion knows what it means to rule

Dany is still in the process of learning the ropes, while Tyrion grew up learning political strategy to survive.

4. Daenerys won’t take kindly to Tyrion’s drinking

Tyrion needs someone to officially snap him out of his rut and Jorah and Varys just haven’t cut it. Dany, no doubt, will be the key to raising Tyrion back to his potential.

5. Tyrion isn’t afraid to speak his mind

Dany is used to people cowering to her whims. Tyrion won’t just take her commands. He’ll call her out when she’s making bad decisions.

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6. Daenerys needs the advice

Now that Ser Barristan is gone, Dany is in need of some new and worthy advisers, pronto.

7. Tyrion needs the allies

Tyrion has way too much amazing potential to just live in exile doing nothing. Dany offers him a way to be successful in his new life outside of King’s Landing.

8. The meet gets the show on the road

Dany and Tyrion haven’t met yet in the books, but the show is moving at a faster pace, and by pairing these two together, the story can progress at a quicker rate.

9. It’s a lesson in trust

Both Tyrion and Dany have issues adding people to their inner circles. But if such an unlikely pair can become allies, then Game of Thrones keeps with the mantra that anything on the show is possible.

10. It’s a new beginning for both of them

Dany almost lost the will of the people and Tyrion is on the run from his own family, which means they’re both in desperate need of some positive change.

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11. They’ve been fan favorites from the beginning

These two are immensely loved by Game of Thrones watchers, yet we’ve never seen them interact until now, which just makes Season 5 all the more worth watching.

According to showrunner David Benioff, the two will have their first conversation on the show next week.

Do you think Tyrion and Dany are the perfect allies?

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