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Josh Duggar is the only one laughing about his weird sibling joke (VIDEO)

There has been a public outcry since Josh Duggar’s confession that he allegedly molested several young girls, some of whom are believed to be his sisters. Now a 2008 clip of him joking about his siblings dating has resurfaced, and it’s adding fuel to the fire.

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The clip, which was from a 2008 episode of 19 Kids and Counting, sees Josh making a joke about his siblings dating. While fans may have thought nothing of it when the episode aired, given the current circumstances, the joke is now pretty uncomfortable to watch.

In the clip, Josh describes a date with his then-fiancée Anna, and how they needed a chaperone for the movies (the Duggars have strict courting rules in accordance with their religion). They wanted to see an 18-plus movie, and original chaperone Jinger was too young to go, so instead, his siblings Jana and John David Duggar were chosen to accompany the couple on their date, which Josh jokingly called a “double date.”

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“So, we chose Jana and John David — we thought, ‘Why not have a double date?'” Josh says in the clip. He then laughs and tells the producers, “We are from Arkansas, no?”

Considering the molestation allegations against Josh, the timing of this resurfaced clip is terrible and it’s clear that it’s not going to win the family any more fans. What will happen in the future of the show is still uncertain, but TMZ previously reported that TLC has just pulled all airings of 19 Kids and Counting from its lineup.

Watch the video of Josh below.

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