7 Things we learned from Hillary Clinton’s emails

We learned earlier this year that Hillary Clinton pulled a big uh-oh during her tenure as secretary of state by using a personal email account instead of a government-sanctioned address.

In an effort to maintain transparency in the wake of the controversy, the State Department released about 300 of Clinton’s 30,000 emails, which she turned over on Friday. More emails will be made public — this is only the first round — according to CNN, and the communication offers insight into Clinton’s handling of the 2012 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

While the emails seem to be mostly all business and politics, the exchanges also gave us a little glimpse of Clinton’s personality and her day-to-day life.

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Here’s some of what we learned about Clinton from her published emails.

1. She’s got a sense of humor

In an email to two of her aides who were going to testify on her behalf because of a concussion she had suffered, Clinton makes a quip about her “cracked head.”

Hillary Clinton

2. She’s a fan of real communication, not email

In several of her email conversations, Clinton asks, “Can you talk?” or “Can you call me?” in response to information presented. Sometimes real interaction is just more productive.

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3. She sleeps in

In an email with a time stamp of 10:43 a.m., Clinton notes that she missed seeing someone because she “just woke up.” There’s no doubt the woman probably burns the midnight oil working, so a late morning on a Saturday is undoubtedly well deserved.

Hillary Clinton

4. She pays close attention to what is said about her in the media

Clinton’s staff often sent her articles or transcripts in which she was mentioned and Clinton would forward them to another staff member to print for her. She also requested that someone call Greta Van Susteren after a December 2012 interview with John McCain in which the journalist backed up Clinton’s disputed claims that she had a head injury.

Hillary Clinton

5. She could have been part of a Gossip Girl plot

Just kidding! But we did notice that, like the characters on the dearly departed CW hit show, Clinton is addressed by her staff simply by her first initial, “H.”

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6. Her schedule is packed tight

Every moment of Clinton’s life is planned out, down to the minute. Here’s a sample agenda:

Hillary Clinton

7. She’s on a first-name basis with Harvey Weinstein

In an email to aide Huma Abedin with the subject title “Request,” Clinton writes, “Can you get us a copy of Bernard Henri-Lévy’s film about Libya? I think Harvey made it and it showed at Cannes last spring.” The “Harvey” referenced is most likely Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein, who purchased the rights to French philosopher and journalist Bernard-Henri Lévy’s documentary, The Oath of Tobruk, in 2012.