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Scream Queens‘ new teaser reveals exciting new twists (VIDEO)

Scream Queens‘ new inside look will make you want to pledge for Emma Roberts’ sorority, even with the high mortality rate.

Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens had us at Jamie Lee Curtis, but the new trailer is more wickedly delicious than even we could have imagined. Murphy sums the show up best when he says, “It’s a cross between Heathers and Friday the 13th.” Is there a universe where that does not sound like the coolest show ever?

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The trailer gives us a closer look at Scream Queens‘ sorority members and pledges. Lea Michele, whose character is wearing a neck brace, slays with her over-the-top enthusiasm, while Emma Roberts is perfect as the show’s killer queen bee. Even though her sorority sisters are facing down a dark secret, as well as a killer in a devil mask, and trying not to get mowed down by wayward lawnmowers, Roberts keeps her distant, cool persona intact.

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“These girls aren’t waiting for a boy to come in to rescue them,” Murphy says. “They’re doing the rescuing.” That’s no doubt because they have the original scream queen, Curtis, to look to for inspiration. The scenes between Roberts and Curtis feature the kind of crackling political maneuvering usually reserved for Game of Thrones. Expect their characters to be next season’s most compelling duo.

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Watch the Scream Queens inside look for yourself below. Are you as in as we are?

Scream Queens hits Fox in the fall of 2015.

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