Walking Dead fans will be devastated if this fan favorite actually dies

Brace yourselves, Walking Dead fans: Rumors are flying that a certain katana-wielding favorite named Michonne may not be long for this world.

Death is swift and indiscriminate in the world of The Walking Dead. No one has ever been safe — not even little Sophia. Still, the latest character death rumors are hard to believe. There are certain characters whose deaths would provoke strong reactions from the fans, and then there is killing Daryl (Norman Reedus) or Michonne (Danai Gurira).

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Don’t worry — Daryl is definitely safe for now. Reedus has been spotted filming multiple scenes for Season 6, but it might be time to start worrying about Michonne. Thanks to her stoicism, katanas and cool factor, Michonne is in a class of her own. Not only does she kick butt like no one else, Michonne is a positive guiding force for a group that often has iffy leadership thanks to the many mood swings of Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Losing her would be a blow to the show — but it might be one fans will have to accept.


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Nothing has been confirmed, but The Spoiling Dead, a site that keeps close tabs on cast member sightings during filming, has noticed a serious lack of Gurira. Not only has she been absent from group scenes, but her name has not appeared on most call sheets. The rumor mill is swirling with possibilities, with the most worrying one being Michonne will die at some point in Season 6.

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Death is not the only option. Fans may not be seeing Gurira because Michonne is off doing her own thing this season. The group routinely gets separated and given how often The Walking Dead uses off-the-beaten-track filming locales, Gurira could simply be involved in a new, more isolated story line. Let’s hope that’s all that is going on. The Walking Dead without Michonne would be depressing, and isn’t The Walking Dead depressing enough as it is?

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Do you think the writers would kill Michonne, and if they did, would you keep watching?


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