Lifehouse on how their music and the world has changed since 2000 (VIDEO)

May 22, 2015 at 4:40 p.m. ET

Remember when the super-cute guys of Lifehouse had us all "Hanging By a Moment," waiting to see their video play on MTV?

A lot has changed in the nearly 15 years since the band released their debut album No Name Face. For instance, nowadays we'd be waiting a lot longer than a moment before catching a glimpse of their latest video playing on the channel formerly dedicated to music. "Then, they actually played music videos, right?" Lifehouse drummer Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. noted about MTV circa the early 2000s. "Now it's more about MTV True Life."

But while a lot has changed, some things have remained the same. The band members hung out with SheKnows and we discovered that the guys of Lifehouse are still super-cute and still making great music. Their new album, Out of the Wasteland, drops May 26 and the band says it will be an amalgam of sorts of their old and new style.


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"We're really excited! We took two years," bassist Bryce Soderberg said. "It's kind of a conglomerate of a lot of our sounds from our early days as Lifehouse. A lot of the new school stuff that we've been trying to adhere towards... We're really happy to share it with our fan base and get it out there."


"It's a new era for us," Soderberg added. "We've been a band for 15 years. This is our first album we've put out that's not on a major label. We're kind of finding our own path as we go now with these new shoes on... It's like a rebirth for us."

"The last two years for us [were] just about going back to the beginning and finding that love and that passion and that innocence in playing music in its simplest form," said lead singer Jason Wade. "Finding those teenagers who would stay up until four in the morning, playing music for fun. Making the business side of things white noise and just finding the passion and the love and simplicity of music again. That's what the record was about for us."

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Something you won't find on Out of the Wasteland? Anything that has to do with social media. "Who wants to see us write the 'Selfie Song'? I can't write the 'Selfie Song,'" Soderberg joked, and the rest of the band agreed that Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the major differences in the music industry now versus the '00s.


The guys also took some time to talk about the era in which they came up, and rehashed everything from the embarrassing style trends they dabbled in (hello guyliner and puka shells!) to emos vs. hipsters and the boy bands from the days of yore vs. contemporary groups.

"I like the boy bands now," said Wade. "Not that there was anything wrong with... When we were first coming out there was NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys."

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"They used to dance more back then," Woolstenhulme interjected. "But now, One Direction is so good that they don't have to dance! I'm a fan," he added with a giggle.

Lifehouse's much anticipated album Out of the Wasteland will be released and available for purchase on iTunes on May 26. Until then, check out the video above to hear more from the guys!