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Party Down South‘s Karynda reveals what really went down in St. Pete

On last week’s episode, Duke’s grandpa had passed away, I had a bad first impression of the new roommate? (Kelsie), we all played a raunchy game of truth or dare and some of us passed out early.

This week, you only saw seven out of eight of us take on the town of St. Pete because Duke had to go home for his grandpa’s funeral. We were all sad to see him leave, but we knew he’d be back soon. So naturally, in his honor, we decided to day drink at the beach. For Raven and me, day drinking is our favorite thing to do.

None of us wore our bathing suits that day because we thought the water was still chilly. Epic win because I stuck my toes in that water and got hypothermia in my fingertips (OK, I’m a little dramatic), so can you imagine if we went in there half-naked? The water’s not just right yet, but that doesn’t stop us from having a blast on the beach.

We met some cool people who “boodled” with us. Boodling is when you funnel beer out of a pool noodle. We also met some people who did not know what to think of us. The guys met a group of girls who were not receptive to them; and when our group of ladies tried to be friendly with them, it was even worse. It kind of made us nervous that the rest of St. Pete would be like this (looking at us all and thinking we’re zombies), so we decided to go explore the town to see what type of people we’d be dealing with this vacation. We quickly realized the people of St. Pete are beyond awesome.

At this rate, I am loving the hospitality of St. Pete. I get free beer at the beach and free crab legs at dinner. After dinner, the crab legs (or salad, or nachos) I ate at dinner made me super-gassy in the cab. What you didn’t see is that the crew member filming us in the front seat was gagging as the result of my gas. Sorry!

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If you haven’t met us, as long as there is beer and fruity girly drinks (for Ashton), we can have fun anywhere. MacDinton’s in downtown St. Pete is super-crowded in a good way, which means there are plenty of potential drink buyers — and people to get drunk with us. This place is our kind of party. When we were there, Tommy met a girl who was part of a bachelorette party. All the bachelorettes were dressed in black dresses and the bride was in white. Tommy’s girl looked like a character off of the show Pretty Little Liars — very innocent. After seeing her with Tommy, though, we could tell that she was a freak on the inside and ready to get really “friendly” with Tommy. The girl actually reminded me of Ashton a lot.

Party Down South Tommy

Somehow, our dysfunctional group is able to get this group of five decent-looking girls back to our house to party with us. On the way home, Tommy has to pee real bad and can’t hold it in, so he lets it go in the cab seat. The bride-to-be also decided that she was going to moon the rest of our roommates out of the back window of the cab. We all decide to keep this bachelorette party going with lap dances from the boys. I must say, these dances are so memorable not because they were good, but because they were so bad I just can’t get them out of my head.

Everything was going well until someone decided it would be a good idea to bring up college football. What you didn’t see is that all of the girls in the bachelorette party were Florida Gator fans, so when they started insulting Hunter’s Kentucky Wildcats, he got pissed and pretty much told them to leave. This is when I realized I will never make the mistake of insulting the Kentucky Wildcats. As all of this is going down, Tommy and Katie are in his bed (just talking) so they decide to see what’s going on. Tommy wasn’t going to get lucky that night.

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The next day, I literally have the worst hangover of my life. I’m not going to let that bring me down, though, so we all decide to go out to lunch and explore St. Pete. Bradley and Raven are ill with each other because he was bragging about hitting on the bartender at the bar the night before. We get that they are a couple and most couples argue, but good grief, can we not do this in public? Especially when we are all sober-ish?

Kelsie sees how close we all are and gets kind of sad and homesick because she feels left out of the family. Kelsie — don’t worry, girlfriend, you will feel like part of the family sooner or later. I may not be a psychic, but I have a feeling you’re going to fit in fine. Even though Kelsie and I had a rough start our first night, I know deep down that we’ll be great friends.

That evening, we decide to hang out with each other at the house and have a game night. We all play flip cup (except Bradley, so teams are even) and we bet that the losing team has to suck the feet of the winning team. Of course I cause the “Wrecking Crew” to lose, and we have to lick feet. This may not be the nastiest thing I have done in my lifetime, but it sure is close. If Ashton hadn’t gagged first, I might have.

Party Down South licking feet

Party Down South licking feet

Everyone started winding down after flip cup, but Bradley and I were still wide awake. At one point, we noticed our fridge was leaking so we started moving everything from it to our beer fridge. I had left some jelly on top of the fridge and told Bradley it was fine staying there, but he doesn’t agree and calls me an “ignorant bitch.” That pisses me off and as he walks away, I throw peanuts at him while chasing him down the hall. It really ticks me off when people call me dumb or ignorant, because I am actually pretty intelligent, believe it or not. He hears me in the confessional complaining about him, so when I see him sitting outside, I just start laughing and know that we’re fine.

Meanwhile, we see Tommy come out to the pool with a blanket and pillow. Not only is our fridge broken, but the air conditioner is as well. Tommy jumps on the swan, hoping to make it his bed, but seconds later he’s in the water.

Party Down South Tommy

Raven and I got super-close last year, but I already feel like she’s opening up to me more this vacation than she did last year. She’s telling me how she loves Bradley, but she just doesn’t feel that spark anymore. She wants him to show her the affection that he used to. I feel like Raven and I are going to be inseparable after this vacation. I’m curious to see what happens to their relationship this year.

Party Down South Karynda & Raven

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Images: CMT/Party Down South

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