Michelle Rodriguez’s Peru trip shows heartbreaking conditions for kids (VIDEO)

Michelle Rodriguez’s Red Nose Day special aired on Thursday night, and the clip, showing her trip to Peru and the tough working conditions that so many young children face, is truly heartbreaking.

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“I want to show you something. I came to a brickmaking site in Peru — it’s almost like a scene from the Bible,” Rodriguez says in the clip. “But what I would never have believed is who I found working there; children, tiny children.”

The clip then follows the story of a little girl, Julianne, who is only 6 years old and does backbreaking labor every day.

“In the morning, she goes to school for a few hours, but then she spends the rest of the day in the blistering heat turning over bricks to dry,” Rodriguez reveals.

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While the Furious 7 actress’s clip highlights the difficulties that so many families in Peru are facing, it also offers a small glimmer of hope. There is a project there that is working with families to help give their children the opportunity to stop working and concentrate on school.

As the actress reveals, it will “give them a hope of a happy life away from backbreaking labor.

“These kids don’t belong here,” Rodriguez says. “And to know that a couple of bucks can change that cycle… I think it’s worth a shot.”

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To find out how you can help make a difference, head over to https://www.rednosedayusa.org for more information.


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