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Joey Lawrence proves he never ages with new shirtless pic (PHOTO)

Say hello to the hunky ’90s heartthrobs who have only gotten better with age.

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Us Weekly nabbed some shirtless goodness from Joey Lawrence, Ian Ziering, David Chokachi and Antonio Sabato Jr., who were included in the magazine’s Best Bodies issue. And we definitely approve.

90s hunks today

The guys have all managed to keep their rocking bodies. We should all applaud our teenage selves for having such good taste. Those genes just don’t fade!

Not only did the guys take their shirts off for the mag, they also dished on their ’90s TV gigs and reminisced on the good times.

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Ziering, who is now 51, shared that his 90210 outfit choices now make him laugh. “I look back at some of those outfits and think, ‘What was it that influenced me to button my dress shirts to the top button? Because every time I see it it’s so ridiculous!”

Ziering has some serious motivation to keep his rocking bod since he’s recently been seen showing it off during Chippendales shows.

Joey Lawrence

Meanwhile, Lawrence seems proud that the flannel shirt tied around the waist is now coming back in style. “Flannels around the waist are back!” he revealed in Us Weekly‘s behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot with the ’90s hunks. As for acting in the TV show Blossom, Lawrence said, “It feels so long ago because so much has happened since 1996, but yet it feels like it was yesterday, too.”

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Soap star Sabato Jr. has a different take, though, since he has his daughter, Mina, to remind him that he’s older. “We were on YouTube and she saw some of the episodes from General Hospital,” the actor revealed. “She said, ‘Who’s that!?'”

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We’re sure any woman over 30 could give her the right answer.

For more on the sexy photo shoot, check out the video below and visit Us Weekly.

Images: Us Weekly

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