One Bachelorette contestant is livid Chris Harrison called him 'creepy'

May 21, 2015 at 12:08 p.m. ET
Image: ABC/Rick Rowel

Looks like we're gearing up for an incredibly dramatic season of The Bachelorette, involving both still-in-it contestants and those who have already been booted off.

In reality television shows, we know much of it is, or seems to be, scripted by show producers. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is another example of how scripted The Bachelorette is — and one contestant is furious at how he was portrayed by producers and then ridiculed by host Chris Harrison in his blog afterward for something they told him to do.

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According to TMZa source close to Josh S. says producers, who know he is a stripper in real life, told him to strip instead of going for the "nice guy" act like he wanted. So, he is understandably pissed about being called "creepy" by Harrison for doing something he was forced to do.

Harrison said, "First and creepiest is Josh S., our 'dancer.' Look, I don't care about the fact that he is a 'dancer' and it didn't bother me that he goofed around and made reference to it. But going so far as to grab the women's hands to run them over his body was a bit much. If he was looking to turn these ladies on, this stripping fireman definitely put out the flames."

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The quotes around the word dancer are silly, and if what Josh says is true, this comment is just in bad taste as there is no way Harrison would not know the producers talked him into doing the "creepy" moves to begin with. And to then use that scene against him as if he thought of it himself, eye-rollingly banal.

Just because he strips for real shouldn't mean that is his whole schtick and pigeonholing him into that "role" for the show seems a bit shallow. Just because he takes off his clothes for money doesn't mean he isn't a "nice guy" in real life, too. And even if he isn't, being told to do something, and then those same people turning around and making him look bad for it: not cool.

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