The Flash's biggest stars respond to accusations of a 'gay agenda'

May 20, 2015 at 10:32 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

Need another reason to completely love Grant Gustin, star of The CW's The Flash? He just shared some harsh words for a close-minded Flash fan.

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TVInsider writer Damian Holbrook probably had no idea that his Flash season finale review would lead to homophobia pointed in his direction. As reviewers, we're often subject to hate from disagreeing fans. It's one of the perks of the job. But after his finale review, Holbrook ended up unintentionally catching some truly close-minded comments from one "fan." What the fan didn't realize was that he was voicing his concerns about a "gay agenda" to a gay man. Check out where it started.


Yikes. Not only was this hater basically a jerk, but he was also a little dense for not doing his research before voicing his "concern" to the writer. And Holbrook was quick to point out the man's mistake (aside from really close-minded opinions on things).


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Things only got worse from there. While the "fan" was clearly up for arguing and wasn't going to have his opinion changed by anyone else's open mind, fans came to Holbrook and The Flash's defense. It was sweet but only spawned more of the man's harsh criticism. It did, however, bring out two of the stars. Both Jonathan Tucker and Grant Gustin joined the debate. When Holbrook said the only "gay agenda" on The Flash was one of "tolerance and acceptance," Tucker chimed in.


And when Gustin saw the hate spiral, he had no problem calling out the guy for what he truly was.


Nice try, guys, but it seems unlikely that anything will be able to change his mind. We love the show, though. "Gay agenda" and all.

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