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Rebel Wilson age-shaming is completely inappropriate

Age is just a number.

Unless, of course, you’re famous. Then it’s an excuse to belittle you and make you feel bad.

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That seems to be the message behind all the Rebel Wilson age drama that’s been going on today, and it makes me sick.

Women already feel enough pressure in Hollywood to maintain their youth. Who cares if Wilson lied about her age. In fact, I’m not even going to address the numbers in this article because they don’t matter. At all. And bullying her about the number she chose to put down on paper so she could make herself more marketable at her job is none of our business.

In fact, I don’t blame her.

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And this drama shouldn’t reflect badly on Wilson but rather on the society that made her feel like she had to be younger in order to be successful as an actress.

If casting directors, producers, directors and other Hollywood decision-makers knew her real age, would she still have been given the same star status? It’s an interesting question and one we’ll never know the answer to. But I would guess that she wouldn’t have been cast in the same roles (like playing college kids) if her real age was reported.

And that’s just a sad statement.

Because whether Wilson is a 100-year-old mermaid (like she joked on Twitter) or a 20-something, she’s still making it happen for herself in Hollywood, which is a huge success she should be beyond proud of. And, obviously, she looks like a 20-something so she should be flaunting that youthfulness.

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I would not be surprised — at all — if tons of other actors and actresses were misreporting their ages all the time. But it doesn’t affect me; I don’t feel the need to know about it and I won’t go looking for it. Because your age is your business. And you’re only as old as you feel.

So leave Rebel Wilson alone.

Do you think people have taken Rebel Wilson’s age drama too far?

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