Sean Lowe's negative comments about The Bachelorette are spot-on

May 20, 2015 at 5:01 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

The new season of The Bachelorette caused a stir of controversy before it even aired, but after the premiere, it was even more evident why two Bachelorettes was a really bad idea.

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Sean Lowe contributed to Patheos blog after the two-part premiere aired Monday and Tuesday night, and the former Bachelor had some spot-on points about the mistake the show made with the two ladies.

He said, "Neither Britt [nor] Kaitlyn seemed very confident."

But he was quick to add that it wasn't their fault. Instead, he blamed the new format of the show, which took power away from the ladies and gave it to the men on the first night.

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"Neither woman was in charge of the evening," Lowe explained. "The guys have the power when they decide the fate of the women. On every other season, the bachelor/ette goes into it knowing that they call the shots, they pick the dates, and they know what traits they're looking for in the men."

He also said that power was further taken away from the women because the ladies didn't send drunk contestant Ryan McDill home. Instead, Chris Harrison was the one to give the guy the boot, even though Kaitlyn was the one assaulted by the belligerent guy.

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As proof that his season was different, Lowe said that when his now-wife, Catherine Giudice, asked if they could be alone outside without any cameras, "with an almost obnoxious confidence, I said, 'Of course we can. I'm the Bachelor.'" Lowe continued, "Yes, I realize that sentence makes me sound like a giant tool, but I understood that I called the shots and I was more concerned with getting a romantic moment with Catherine than I was [with] getting a good shot of it all."

Hopefully now that Kaitlyn has been chosen as the official Bachelorette for the season, she will be able to take control of the dates and the men from here on out. Of course, there are rumors that Britt will still be involved in the show somehow, despite not getting the official title. So who knows what that could mean for the rest of the season.

Do you think having two Bachelorettes this season was a big mistake?