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Flipping Out‘s promo makes us think Zoila’s leaving — say it isn’t so! (VIDEO)

We’re not saying we don’t love Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis. We love him! But of all the telling moments from the new season’s promo, it’s Zoila’s tears that have us the most concerned. Would you watch the show without Zoila?

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If you haven’t seen the new Flipping Out promo, you’re going to want to watch it right now. There are so many amazingly Jeff-like moments, we need time to process the entire thing. For a video under two minutes long, Bravo packed in tons of drama brilliance. Here are our favorite parts.

1. The hijinks are back

Lewis seems to love nothing more than scaring the shit out of his friends and coworkers. By the time we’re just six seconds in, we’ve already seen him leave from a sketchy crawlspace door and lurk around a corner. In the words of Zoila, “You so cray-see, Jeffrey!”

2. The gang is all here

Over the past few seasons, Lewis has hit rough spots with nearly all his friends and employees. From what we see of the video, though, the core team is still intact… for now. We see Jenni, Gage and Zoila, so we’re set. Can it last, though?

3. Things are good with Gage

So good, in fact, that the two look to be returning to their dreams of having a kid. When things get real and appointments are made, though, we see Lewis start to sweat. Hopefully, he can overcome his issues and start a family this season. That amazing partner of his definitely deserves it.

4. There’s a new face

Who is Joe and what position does he want? Who cares! Lewis has him killing spiders and no doubt doing all kinds of other intolerable things. Something tells me the clearly squeamish new guy won’t last that long, anyway.

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5. Something is up with the cat

We’ve already witnessed Lewis go through one heartbreaking struggle with a pet, so we’re not sure we can take another. In the clip, though, we see Gage using a syringe to give Stewie some seriously gross-looking meds. Poor kitty.

6. We’ll see plenty of high-maintenance clients

“It doesn’t even look like my house anymore!” shrieks a client before hiding in another room. Uh, yeah… isn’t that the idea, lady?

7. And a few famous faces

Uh! Is that Brian Austin Green?! Yes, yes it is. And it looks like Lewis pisses him off when he suggests that he needs to confirm things with wifey Megan Fox first. Not that we can blame him, though. Everyone knows you should always check with the wife on these things. Green is hot, but he’s still just a dumb guy.

8. Zoila is looking for an out

Gage has some wonderful attributes, and the way he manages to deal with Lewis and his quirks are truly inspiring. Gage has one major downfall, though: His relationship with Zoila. All the couples counseling in the world can’t seem to fix those two. Between butting heads with Gage and Lewis’ ever-increasing demands, the sweet and sassy housekeeper is having a hard time keeping up. Through tears, she even admits to Jenni, “He’s not happy.” Once we got through our own tears, we continued to watch as Jenni told Lewis that Zoila wants to retire.

We can’t even imagine watching Flipping Out without Zoila. And she’s not his only struggle. Watch the promo to see what kind of other drama is in store for the team at Jeff Lewis Design. Then tune in to Bravo on July 1 at 9/8c for the season premiere.

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