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Shahs of Sunset scoop: Are Reza and Adam done for good?

Many of the relationships on Shahs of Sunset saw turbulence this season, but the one relationship we thought would last was Reza Farahan and Adam’s gorgeous partnership. We were even promised a wedding! This week’s episode really dampened our spirits, though.

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Reza and Adam seemed on solid ground practically since the beginning of their relationship. Adam’s sweet, timid personality seemed like the perfect counter to Reza’s partying. Sadly, Reza admitted to a couples therapist that they’re having a few issues. He even went so far as to say he felt more like he had an awesome roommate, instead of a fiancé.

When Reza took Adam to meet the therapist, things took a turn for the dramatic. He canceled the Thailand-based wedding without any warning or any privacy. Adam, unsurprisingly, looked devastated. Since everything was already paid for, Reza decided he and his friends should still hit Thailand. Anyone else think that seems like the worst move ever?

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“I didn’t leave in a fight but there was a lot of tension because I kinda left and I said, ‘I’m going on this trip. I’m going to use this time to think, reflect, figure my shit out,'” Reza shared during the After Show. “Whether that’s marriage, us breaking up, us just working on our relationship, I didn’t know. So, it was very hard for him. Not only am I leaving, but anything could happen when I get back.”

Reza may have called off the ceremony, but only because he thought they should spend more time working on their relationship. Bailing probably wasn’t the best answer. Except, as it turns out, Reza said it may have helped.

“Honestly, being in Thailand with my crazy crew and seeing how dysfunctional Asifa and Bobby were made me realize how great my relationship with Adam was,” Reza admitted. He went on to share that while in Thailand, he and Adam still managed to Skype on the day that would have been their wedding day. “We started communicating a lot more and trying to make our foundation stronger.”

So has it worked? Will Reza and Adam ever get married?

“I’m happy to report that things are totally back on track,” he shared. “We’re hoping to marry in the near future.”

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