Shonda Rhimes drops the mic with latest feminist quote

May 19, 2015 at 6:34 p.m. ET
Image: Disney/ABC Television Via Flickr

Shonda Rhimes drops some serious feminist knowledge at the 10th annual Global Women's Rights Awards.

The always-inspiring Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, has done it again. While being honored for her amazing work at the 10th annual Global Women's Rights Awards on Monday, May 18, Rhimes unleashed a mic-drop-worthy quote on the importance of feminism and equality. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, while recounting a story about how her assistant wished to be a man for a day, Rhimes explained to the audience why she wants to live in a world where she, her assistant and all women can be happy just being themselves.

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"My assistant wants to walk through the world just for a day without some guy hitting on her when she runs to Starbucks to get me coffee," Rhimes said. "She wants to not be called 'cute' by the security guard. She wants to not be told that she should be a model. She wants to not see the look of surprise on someone's face when she tells them where she went to college. She wants her boobs to no longer be a topic of conversation. She wants to no longer make 70 cents on the dollar. She wants to not have old men legislate her vagina's rights. She wants to not know that a glass ceiling ever existed. She wants to not believe that having a baby would end her career. She wants everything in the world to be made for her, be about her and speak mostly to her. Because that’s how it is for men.

"We don’t have time to be terrified," Rhimes continued. "I don’t even want men wishing they could be women. I just want those words 'all of that,' to apply to all of us." If you feel like cheering, go ahead. It would make Rhimes proud.

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Rhimes was honored alongside another trailblazing female television creator, Jenji Kohan, who created Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Both women received accolades for how they are changing the face of television and increasing female and minority visibility on the small screen.

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What do you think of Rhimes' words? Do you think her television series reflect her personal philosophy?