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Jessa Duggar’s pregnant belly gets hateful comments (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her and husband Ben Seewald’s first child. But even though the couple is thrilled and only too happy to share updates on their pregnancy via social media, Jessa’s latest pic has been met with a few hateful comments.

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Jessa took to Instagram to share a picture of her growing baby bump on Monday and inform fans that she is now 16 weeks and one day into her pregnancy — but not everyone is happy for her. Comments on the picture include, “No aspirations to do more than have kids?” “Such a narcissist,” and “Do the Duggar kids not go to college? They marry young and start popping out babies. What about higher education, travel, life experiences, career? Just wondering…..”

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It’s true: The Duggar family has some pretty controversial views, and one of them is reportedly the fact that higher education is frowned upon for girls.

We recently reported on a claim that the Duggars’ teaching and practices allegedly say that “adult daughters must continue to obey their fathers and must marry through parent-controlled courtships; that college attendance is problematic for children of either gender but especially for girls; and that marrying and having large numbers of children is the only godly path available.” We feel that if Jessa does actually want to go to college and her parents are against it, then that is very unfair. However, that’s not to say it’s anyone’s business (ours included) to condemn her life decisions.

Jessa may really want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but does that give anyone the right to criticize her? Besides, it’s too early to jump to conclusions about how Jessa’s life will pan out; she is currently pregnant with baby No. 1, not baby No. 19.

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