Vin Diesel is unrecognizable in this throwback video from the ’80s (VIDEO)

File this one in your “to think about when you need a chuckle” folder for a bad day.

Vin Diesel, break dancing. Yeah, that Vin Diesel. The muscle-y, hard body, silky smooth, deep-voiced, fast driver Vin Diesel. Watch him get down with the get-down with some sick beats. This video isn’t dated, but given the backdrop and their dated tracksuit threads, it’s safe to say this is from the ’80s.

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He might be skinnier, but that’s not the most amazing thing. Check out all that hair!

This is the reason we love the internet; things like this just never go away. This isn’t the first time this video has bubbled to the top of the internet from the depths below, but we don’t mind that it has found its way back into the sun.

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According to a Mashable article, Diesel “used to breakdance at Columbus Circle and Washington Square Park in New York City” before he decided on another path, the path of a beefed-up bouncer and decided to morph into the Vin we have come to know and love over the more recent years.

There’s no busting of heads in this video, just a still-cute, albeit scrawny, Vin busting a move.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

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