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Bristol Palin’s wedding called off after shocking scandal

Bristol Palin was supposed to say “I do” this weekend — but she said “I don’t” instead after an important secret detail of her fiancé’s past came to light.

Bristol was supposed to wed Medal of Honor winner, Sgt. Dakota Meyer, on May 23, but the nuptials have been abruptly called off, and rumor has it the cause was a secret Meyer never needed to keep: his ex-wife.

Radar Online uncovered a marriage license showing that Meyer was wed to Cassandra Wain in 2008, and from comments that have since been deleted from Meyer’s Facebook page, it sounds like he neglected to share that info with Bristol!

“We never discredit you as a Marine, you were a great soldier. We took you in after you came back from the hospital in Ohio and wanted to be there for you,” the friend wrote. “What I’m not understanding is why this marriage to my best friend is something you are trying to hide.

“You guys were young and infatuated with one another. You got married, then realized it was a mistake. No scandal, no abuse, no nothing. It was short lived and we thought you all remained civil… Cassie is a small town girl who is beautiful and intelligent and just wants the past in the past. Now she’s suffering from other people’s opinions of her based off your lies Dakota.

“She doesn’t want the spotlight like you do….she wants to move on and you aren’t letting her. The last time you contacted her was in October of 2014…..leave her alone and let it go. We wish you all the best with your future Dakota. Just be honest.”

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Even worse, no one seems to know if Meyer and his “ex” are actually divorced because all further legal records on the matter have been sealed.

Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin, announced the split on Facebook today and included a statement from Bristol, who seems to imply that Dakota is actually divorced — but she does not address whether or not she knew of the marriage in the first place.

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The couple’s betrothal was announced in March. This was Bristol’s second engagement. Her first, to baby daddy Levi Johnston, ended in 2010.

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