Amber Portwood’s fiancé’s drunken behavior is rather troubling (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood has cleaned up her life and appears to be in a much healthier and happier place. But the recent news of her fiancé Matt Baier’s behavior while on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, is a little troubling.

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You may remember that the Teen Mom star went to jail for her struggles with addiction and anger management, which makes the fact that Baier drank too much and got into a fight with Portwood while on their trip worrying.

In a new sneak peak of Teen Mom OG, Portwood and her beau head to Las Vegas to celebrate the fact that she is no longer on parole, but things went horribly south after the camera crews headed home.

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“After we got back to the hotel, the camera crew wrapped. But Matt was still angry about our fight and he punched a wall,” Portwood reveals in the clip. “So I called my producer and the crew came back.”

The producer, Heather, then asks Matt about what happened to his hand, and while he says he has “no idea.” Portwood was more eager to shed some light on the situation.

“He turned into a 15-year-old boy with hormones,” she tells Heather.

“This was supposed to be my vacation, I just want to make that clear,” she then tells Baier, who is lying on their hotel bed.

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After finally admitting that his swollen hand is due to punching a wall (which only happened because he had been drinking too much), it looks as though things are not all that rosy between the couple. Were they able to salvage their trip?

Tune into Teen Mom OG on Monday, May 18, to find out more, and watch the video below (sorry, we know it’s super-small).

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