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Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar are allegedly against higher education for girls

A report has made some pretty damaging allegations about 19 Kids and Counting stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, as it claims that they believe higher education for girls is “problematic.”

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Jessa Duggar Seewald recently celebrated her husband Ben Seewald’s graduation from National Park Community College on Saturday, May 16, and while her Instagram tribute to him notes just how impressed she is that he graduated, it seems she does not have plans to further her own education. And that’s fine, because college is not for everyone, but what’s not fine is if her parents are against higher education for girls.

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According to an article written last year on Patheos, the Duggar’s teachings and practices reportedly say that “women are not to have careers and that daughters should be actively discouraged from considering such; that adult daughters must continue to obey their fathers and must marry through parent-controlled courtships; that college attendance is problematic for children of either gender but especially for girls; and that marrying and having large numbers of children is the only godly path available.”

What this article is suggesting is that even if Jessa wanted to go to college, it would reportedly be frowned upon by her family. While none of the Duggar girls who are old enough to be in college have left home to do so, according to the Inquisitr the Duggar Family Blog does state that they are allowed to take online classes through CollegePlus.

It’s also important to note that Jana and Jill Duggar have taken midwifery classes. Jill is currently training through a distance-learning program to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). And Jana has been working as a doula.

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