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Game of Thrones hits rock bottom with Sansa’s horrific wedding

Death is definitely bad. But rape and torture? Game of Thrones just reached an all-new low.

And by that, I don’t mean the caliber of the show. That is and will forever be fantastic.

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I mean with the actions these characters are taking and the lows they are reaching.

Poor Sansa was attacked by Ramsay on their wedding night as he forced himself on her, all while Theon watched.

Last week, I made the point that Ramsay just may be worse than Joffrey. And he seems to have proved my point in tonight’s episode. What is worse: rape or death? What is more horrifying: public humiliation, like what Tyrion experienced, or torture, like what Theon endured?

Furthermore, Joffrey tormented Sansa, but he didn’t rape her. He killed people, but he had some sort of perverse justice in his mind about it all. Ramsay is just flat out psychopathic and sadistic. Who is more dangerous?

And to make decisions about the gravity of these horrible things just seems to be wrong in and of itself, yet the show challenges us in this way, and it is so uncomfortable, yet equally brilliant.

Yes, the Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding were shocking and horrific, and there is no comparing rape to slaughter. Neither is an option any of us would ever like to consider. But Game of Thrones is crossing a line this season that it has never before breached.

Sansa’s attack represents the first time a character has endured this kind of torture. Though I haven’t forgotten Cersei was technically raped by Jaime, Sansa’s experience represents a complete debasement of a character.

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Ramsay seems to be approaching his marriage in a similar way in which he approached Theon, with the intention of leaving her broken, as a shell of herself. And that is terrifying.

As a former Sansa hater, I can say I am officially reformed. I have been since the start of this season. Watching her return to her childhood home, thinking her entire family has been slaughtered, only to become a prisoner in the walls that used to keep her safe, is almost too much for one character to be expected to endure. Let alone a young girl.

After tonight, I can only imagine the revengenda she’s going to plot. And it will also be interesting to see how far her finger-pointing goes. She might just have a list like Arya by the end of this season. After all, Roose Bolton was responsible for the Red Wedding, and Littlefinger is the one who left her with the Boltons. And on and on the blame game could go.

And if any character on the show deserves to get revenge at this point, it’s Sansa.

I would love to see her pick up a sword.

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But something tells me that Sansa will never be like Arya in her tactics. She’s more of a poison kind of girl, let’s be honest.

Either way, I can’t see Sansa cowering anymore after that night. Her choice is to take action or become like Theon.

Like Littlefinger said when he sent her to marry Ramsay, it’s time for her to act. The whole reason she agreed to marry Ramsay in the first place was so she could reclaim Winterfell. Now I’m ready to watch her scheme and plot and take them all down.

Of course, it’s Game of Thrones, so it likely won’t happen as smoothly as I hope. And Sansa has an uphill battle if she’s going to survive Ramsay’s sick games, but I hope she gets some Margaery in her and double-crosses the rats.

Do you think Sansa has what it takes to take down the Boltons and reclaim Winterfell?

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